The most anticipated CD release in the goddamn universe.

"These guys are the greatest band in the universe - and I'm not just saying that, I really mean it" - Bob Wolf, Waking' Up With The Wolf, PYX 106

Well, he's right. Probing Digit loudly and proudly exploded onto Albany's music scene when they brilliantly formulated the most spectacular ensemble of musical prowess this area (or any area of the universe) has ever seen. And as a giant "You're Welcome" to any person with enough guts to attend the show, they are offering their debut CD this Saturday at a release party to be held at The Putnam Den in Saratoga. Hosted by Ellen Z of PYX106, the event is sure to make you squirm in discomfort as you unsuccessfully attempt to contain the brilliant musical assault of The Didge.

Some people call the music offensive. These people have no sense of humor. Others call their music fantastically brilliant and epic to immeasurable proportions. These people are correct.

PYX106 has been playing songs from Probing Digit's album every day for the last few months. This is partially due to the fact that they feel it's their duty to share the brilliance of Probing Digit with the world, but also because listeners can't get on the phone fast enough to request their daily fill of The Didge.

After winning the Channel 103.1 Most Original Band Contest, Probing Digit graced the unworthy stage at SPAC this August, providing an early climax to the day's events which included mediocre-at-best performances by Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, and a bunch of other sub-par "bands."

There will be two opening acts the night of the CD release party, but these bands are not worthy of mention since they will inevitably fade into non-existence once Probing Digit takes the stage.

See the glory for yourself, this Saturday at The Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs @ 9PM

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  1. I was at that concert and it was awesome I love your materal and te way you put everything together your fucking awesome that you guys did that I can't wait till your cd comes out I want it! You guys keep rocking and I'll keep rolling