Most Original Band Contest should be called "Probing Digit Show"

Local FM station Channel 103.1 has very wisely selected the area's most original (and talented) band to perform at The Most Original Band Contest.  This was a natural decision, and therefore comes as no surprise.  Other entries (out of formality) include some of the area's no-names-needed run of the mill acts.


Though Probing Digit's enviably spectacular catalog of musical brilliance is enough to win any competition simply by reciting the song titles, it is highly recommended that you attend this performance so they don't dry-fire all over the unsuspecting fans of the other "bands."  This has known to cause deaths in the past.

So if you don't want blood on your hands, come take our load off at Northern Lights on August 14th.

1 comment:

  1. Hellz F-ing YES!!

    Probing Digit
    with not-so-special guests:
    the other guys